Harmonizing Talents at Allegro Music & Dance Academy

Willy Urias

In the heart of our community lies a place where dreams are nurtured, talents are honed, and the arts flourish. Allegro Music & Dance Academy is more than just an institution; it’s a haven for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to harmonize their talents in music and dance. In […]

Career Center pivots to help students with virtual recruitment

Letitia Denham

Although adjusting to a fully virtual recruiting environment presents both challenges and opportunities, the Duke Career Center is lending a hand to students. For many employers, the pandemic has posed a challenge to recruitment efforts. Most companies use some form of in-person engagement as part of their recruitment strategy, so […]

6 Ways to Build a Sustainable Career

Letitia Denham

This story originally appeared on FlexJobs.com. Over the last several decades, the career landscape has changed drastically. With the proliferation of technology, new approaches to virtually everything — from both employees and employers — and a disruptive global recession, the “old” ways of working don’t cut it anymore. COVID-19 has […]

How To Find Hygge In Your Career

Letitia Denham

Finding Hygge in your career getty The Danish concept of Hygge, something that became hugely fashionable in 2016, focuses on coziness, relaxation, and familiarity. There is no ultimate definition of Hygge. It can mean many things – it’s relative to the individual, focuses on simplicity, and can offer a sense […]

How to advance your career when you’re working at home

Letitia Denham

Related video above: How to make the career-changing decision after getting a promotionMotivation can be hard to come by these days, especially if you’re working from home.If you are feeling like your career has been in a holding pattern this year, it’s not too late to jump-start it.”Many people are […]

Why This Is The Time To Make A Career Change

Letitia Denham

There are many reasons why this is the right time to consider a career change. getty Periods of uncertainty cause humans to reassess their priorities, and the current environment is no exception. Right now, you might realize you want more out of your work or that you’re finally ready to […]

20 New Career Rules To Follow In 2020 And Beyond

Letitia Denham

Innovative careers are following a new set of rules getty The business world is evolving at a rapid pace. Long gone are many of the career “rules” our parents adhered to, like the popular “Stay with the same company until you retire” directive. But the thing is, many of these […]

How to Build a Career Path in 3 Steps

Letitia Denham

In brief Identify your core values. Get advice from the people you admire. Understand your skill set and how to articulate it. Whether you are looking for a job for the first time or seeking to make a move in the middle of your career, having a plan is the […]

Career advice to carry with you

Letitia Denham

Career advice comes in all forms — from lessons found in articles to suggestions from friends and family, for example. Some advice is better than others, however. The new class of LinkedIn Top Voices in Job Search and Careers explains in the latest edition of #GetHired the best career advice […]

Is Jeffrey Toobin’s career over?

Letitia Denham

For many working in media, Jeffrey Toobin has enjoyed a career to kill for, starting with the fact that he has been a longtime writer for the New Yorker, one of the most enviable journalism gigs on the planet. The former federal prosecutor, 60, also has penned best-selling books on […]