6 Ways to Build a Sustainable Career

Letitia Denham

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Over the last several decades, the career landscape has changed drastically. With the proliferation of technology, new approaches to virtually everything — from both employees and employers — and a disruptive global recession, the “old” ways of working don’t cut it anymore.

COVID-19 has upended the world of work even more. Workers who still have jobs have had to be exceptionally nimble, and millions of others have lost their jobs entirely, left to figure out the next steps in an uncertain economy.

Amid all the uncertainty, one thing has become clear — crafting a sustainable career is one of the best things you can do for long-term career success.

At its most basic, a sustainable career is one that endures over time through the entire work lifecycle. Not to be confused with a “green” career in sustainability, a sustainable career is one that can grow with you throughout the years, that has meaning to you and that makes good use of your skills and experience. With so much up in the air these days, crafting a sustainable career that can carry you through both good and challenging times is a worthy and necessary pursuit.

A sustainable career enables you to stay healthy, happy, productive and employable throughout its span — and fits in with the rest of your life at every stage. In other words, it’s a career that is the perfect “fit” for you, whenever and wherever you’re at.

Researchers describe a sustainable career as one that is aligned with your interests, strengths and values, and offers ongoing learning and renewal. Ultimately, building a sustainable career will give you the ability to maintain several aspects of your career and life over the long-term.

Performing well on the job requires up-to-date skills, knowledge and creativity, along with traits like a positive attitude and perseverance. A sustainable career enables productivity and job performance by focusing on continuous learning and adaptability.

A sustainable career provides security via employability, which is the ability to maintain employment or find new employment as necessary. Constant learning and mental flexibility foster employability.

Sustainable careers support a healthy work-life balance for every stage of your life and career. A sustainable career also supports both your physical and mental health.

Here are six ways to build a sustainable career.

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