5 UK Companies Offering Insurance for Your Children’s Education

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5 UK Companies Offering Insurance for Your Children’s Education

Education insurance is one of the types of insurance that helps the beneficiary through their education programs.

Some insurance may cover from when the child is in basic school till university, while others usually cover tertiary education alone. Education insurance will guarantee that your child will complete their education if you are unable to pay for it in the future.

In some countries, you can only get education insurance for a child younger than 14, while others allow you to get education insurance at any age. However, it is very important to note that the earlier you enrol your child, the better. Any parent, guardian, family, sibling can buy children education insurance for their children.

According to reviews collected from UK.collected.reviews, it is also important to know that education insurance is not life insurance, but benefits are paid in the event of the death of the child. Education insurance is for your child’s education, and it is completely different from life insurance. Education insurance can be done for multiple children. In fact, you can name multiple beneficiaries on your education investment plan. There are many reliable insurance companies available in the UK that you can consult to get your desired education insurance plan.

The Cost of Education

If we are being honest, the cost of education, especially tertiary education, is so high that only a small percentage of parents can afford it, and to be more honest, it will not get any better any time soon. So, how do people pay for their children’s school fees with these over the top prices? There are many choices to be considered, but child education insurance is the safest of them all.

Why Education Insurance Policy is Important

1.   You can always provide the best education:

If your child wants to pursue an expensive degree program, education insurance might be the only saving grace. Your children will not be stopped by your inability to provide or pay the fees. With this, they can always get the best and not just what they think they need.

2.   Nothing is certain:

It’s an open secret that we live in an uncertain world, and this means death,  illnesses, or other tragedies may occur. Many unexpected things can affect the perfect future you have planned for your child. In the case things do not go as you have planned, an education insurance plan can just be the difference for you.

Here are 5 of the best UK companies offering education insurance for your children:

AVIVA Insurance

This is a multinational insurance company whose headquarters is located in London, UK. There are several education insurance options for your child with this firm.

ALLIANZ Insurance

This is an international insurance company with branches all over the UK. They are well renowned and should have all you need.

AIG UK Insurance

 American International Group is another top insurance company in the UK that offers you a great education insurance plan.

AXA Insurance

AXA Insurance is a multinational company with branches all over the UK, visit any of their branches if you need education insurance plans for your children.

BUPA Insurance

This is an international insurance organization with its global headquarters in the UK. They are known to have one of the best education plans for your kids in the current market.


Education insurance policy is necessary and important for your child, consult the best insurance companies today, and get things done.

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