Month: July 2020

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Symbols similar to ‘6198.t’

Symbol Name Last Price Industry / Category Type Exchange
6178.T JAPAN POST HLDGS CO LTD 780.80 Financial Services Stocks JPX
6098.T RECRUIT HOLDINGS CO LTD 3,789.00 Industrials Stocks JPX
3198.T SFP HOLDINGS CO LTD 1,436.00 Consumer Cyclical Stocks JPX
6898.T TOMITA ELECTRONICS 970.00 Technology Stocks JPX
7198.T ARUHI CORPORATION 1,633.00 Financial Services Stocks JPX
6158.T WAIDA MFG CO LTD 900.00 Industrials Stocks JPX
6198.T CAREER CO LTD 343.00 Industrials Stocks JPX
6498.T KITZ CORP 692.00 Industrials Stocks JPX
6118.T AIDA ENGINEERING 736.00 Industrials Stocks JPX
6190.T PHOENIXBIO CO LTD 701.00 Healthcare Stocks JPX
6698.T VISCO TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION 1,127.00 Technology Stocks JPX
6998.T NIPPON TUNGSTEN CO 1,786.00 Industrials Stocks JPX
6199.T SERAKU CO LTD 1,268.00 Technology Stocks JPX
6298.T Y.A.C HOLDINGS CO LTD 763.00 Technology Stocks JPX
6189.T GLOBAL KIDS COMPANY CORP 604.00 Industrials Stocks JPX
6188.T FUJI SOFT SERVICE BUREAU INC 369.00 Technology Stocks JPX
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Jobs Search, employment and career site in Hong Kong

ASM Technology Hong Kong Limited

ASM Pacific Technology Limited (“ASMPT”) (HKG: 0522), as a global technology and market leader, develops and provides leading edge solutions and materials for semiconductor assembly and packaging industries, as well as surface mount technology solutions in a wide range of end-user markets including electronics, mobile communications, automotive, industrial, LED and solar energy. We consistently invest in R&D to provide customers with innovative and cost-efficient solutions that help them achieve higher productivity, greater reliability and enhanced quality. Over the past 40 years, through the dedicated efforts of our high caliber teams, we have successfully established an international marketing network and manufacturing operations in Hong Kong, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore and China (Shenzhen and Huizhou). Join us if you share our vision ENABLING THE DIGITAL WORLD and core values POWER: ‧ Passion to be the #1 “Go to Partner” ‧ Ownership of actions and behaviors ‧ Win

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Top Tricks Used by Credit Card Processors

Once you start processing cards you might start to realize that this is not the most honest industry.  There are several questions that arise during this process “ Why only a few providers show rates on the website? “Why there are several rate structures? “ etc.

Here are some tips to help merchants avoid the pitfalls of the credit card processing industry. This will help you understand the tricks used by the payment processing industry in a better manner.


  • Teaser Qualified/ Non-Qualified rates:


You might have noticed several payment processors advertising “as low as” 1.00%. There are no advertising standers for the payment processing industry and thus few processors hide the entire fee structure. They won’t disclose assessment fees, mid-qualified and non-qualified charges tacked on top which is easily ignored by the merchant.

An example of this is flight sale for 49$ and did you end up paying … Read More