Day: June 15, 2020

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Mysterious Australian Night Parrots May Not See in the Dead of Night

Australia’s most elusive bird, the Night Parrot, may not be much better at seeing in the dark than other parrots active during the day. New research reveals that the critically endangered parrot’s visual system is not as well-adapted to life in the dark as would be expected for a nocturnal bird, raising concerns it might be adversely impacted by fencing in the Australian …


Scientists Unravel the Evolution and Relationships for All European Butterflies

For the first time, a complete time-calibrated phylogeny for a large group of invertebrates is published for an entire continent. Scientists provide a diagrammatic hypothesis of the relationships and evolutionary history for all 496 extant European species of butterflies. Their work provides an important tool for evolutionary and ecological …


Great white shark (stock | Credit: (c) shanemyersphoto /

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